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March 1 | is a non-profit foundation dedicated to expanding the educational reach of computer programming. Students can sign up to learn and teachers can sign up to bring coding to their own schools. It’s no secret that the past decade of technological advancement owes much of its success to the brilliant coding of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. knows the drill and that’s why they hired a stellar cast of programming wizards like Mark Zuckerberg, tycoons like Bill Gates and even all-star athletes like Chris Bosh to share their coding stories.
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February 21 |

Just when we thought we’d seen everything on The Interwebs and its massive blog-o-sphere, we are once again reminded how tiny we are inside its cosmic vastness. Thanks to a few special sensors that detect electric current and some genius wiring, musician, J. Viewz, shows us how he makes ornate productions with his local groceries. Seriously, the guy makes bells out of some grapes and bass drums out of eggplants! Check it out.
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February 11 |

Imagine, if you will, that your favorite music program’s psychedelic screensaver met with the precise brushstrokes (or mouse strokes) of your wielding hand? That’s kind of what you get when you fiddle around with digital designer Yuri Vishnevsky’s Silk project. The interactive artwork program allows users to create celestial patterns in symmetric or free form. Now we could just sit here and write out a more detailed explanation, but it’s the kind of stuff that just has to be experienced to understand. Go ahead give it a go! And if you really dig it you can download the iPad app here.
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February 4 |

Our comrade and Canadian graffiti rat, Sola, just got her official site up and running with merchandise and more. We salute her name and her cause. This one’s for the Sola movement and all the females out there doing it well in a male-dominated world. But on the real, the ladies run this!
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